Geneva – a Gateway City

A natural and spiritual hub Geneva is referred to as the “international capital of the world.” It has an ancient history of being the center of a network of European trade roads. Even today it is the meeting point of routes from France, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland and has the potential to serve as a spiritual hub of kingdom resource.

Call to teach the nations. This “city set on a hill,” as Geneva was called, demonstrated how a nation built on biblical principles could affect every sector of life including banking, education, and government. Weekly teachings from the Cathedral were printed and distributed throughout Europe. Geneva holds a key to being a significant influence in the nations. We believe that this calling—to teach and impact the nations in righteousness—can be redeemed.
Reformation seeds. In the 16th century Geneva became a seat of the Reformation and the home of Jean Calvin. The city opened its doors to refugees and persecuted Protestants, mainly French and Italians, streamed into its gates in search of sanctuary. The seeds of reformation still exist in this rich spiritual soil—ground for new reformers to spring up that will shape the course of history.

Refuge and compassion. Foreign residents make up over 40 percent of the population making Geneva one of the most diverse communities in the world. It hosts the headquarters of some 60 international organizations including the World Health Organization, U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, the Word Trade Organization and the Red Cross. We envision ministries that will reach out with compassion and justice and draw in those estranged to the embrace of a loving God.

A Call to Partners

We’re approaching a Luke 5 moment.

Luke 5 tells the story of Peter working all night and catching NOTHING. Just after he’d given up, Jesus came along and said the absurd: “Go deeper.”

Peter, realizing there was no logical reason to go deeper, tried to explain. “I’ve already been at this all night long and I’m exhausted.”

But, recognizing who Jesus was, he said, “Master, I have no more ideas, nothing more of myself to give, nevertheless, I’ll obey your word.”

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Vision and Purpose

Gateways Beyond Geneva seeks to help unlock the potential for influence in the key city of Geneva, Switzerland that will lead to revival in the neighboring countries of Europe and beyond. Yes, the vision is big. Our part? To establish a ministry base—a worship, training and outreach hub—that will serve to strengthen and equip the Body in Geneva to work together toward this end.